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About Us

GAR Trapping LLC is a full service trapping company. Created in 2002 by Gary Riemenschneider, with a vision to provide customers with excellent service at an affordable price. GAR Trapping has earned a reputation of being respectable, friendly, honest and hard-working.


Gary started trapping in 1978 as a hobby while a young boy. After many years of experience he was able to evolve it into a business, continuing doing something he enjoys.


Gary also has 28 years of experience doing construction for commercial and residential properties. He will make repairs to homes when they have been damaged by nuisance animals or when clients have had an inspection to find possible problematic areas that should be repaired. He also serves local clientele that need work done on a regular basis, not necessarily because of nuisance related issues.


Because of our continuous dedication to our customer service, we are pleased to have our customers call again the next time they have a problem. So when you call GAR Trapping for help, you won’t become our customer for the day, you’ll become our customer for life.


Lifetime Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Member of the National Trappers Association, National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) and Ohio Wildlife Control Operators Association (OWCOA).

Gary Riemenschneider of GAR Trapping LLC and GAR Construction LLC

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