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GAR Trapping LLC
GAR Construction LLC

GAR Trapping  does the following residential and commercial work:


  • initial inspections for possible problematic areas

  • animal nuisance capture and removal services

       ex. skunks, snakes, raccoons, opossums,          

             squirrels, rabbits, mice, moles, rats, birds,

             beavers, deer, groundhogs, mink, muskrats,

             otter, coyotes, and fox

  • property management

  • habitat consultant

  • beaver control

  • bird control

  • rodent control

  • clean up and clean out


Other services:

  • bird and animal exclusion

  • education on nuisance prevention

  • custom screens and guards

  • camera service

  • odor control

  • fencing

  • deterrent application

  • harassment techniques

  • dead animal removal

GAR Construction does the following residential and commercial work: repairs, servicing and remodeling


We can repair, replace or add:

  • baths and kitchens

  • drywall

  • gutters and downspouts

  • stairs

  • cabinets

  • siding and break metal

  • concrete and masonry

  • decks

  • doors and windows


Other services:

  • power washing

  • excavating

  • landscaping

  • shrub and tree pruning and removal

  • custom screens and guards

  • chimney caps

  • and much, much more!

GAR Services

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